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Types of Tambourines

Since tambourine history has already been created on other web sites, we decided to go over the different types of tambourines and near the bottom you will see three high-end custom tambourine makers. To purchase some items from Ebay click here for shopping and click here for tambourine accessories

Here are four different wood tambourines

The CP389 which is a single row no heads, the CP390 which is a double row no heads, the CP379 is a single row headed tamboruine and a CP380 which is a double row headed tambourine.


Here are two types of tunable tambourines
The tunable tambourine allows you to change the pitch of the head. Here is a wood CP391 and a metal CP392

Plastic Tambourines in different styles and colors
There are a bunch of plastic tambourines in different styles and colors with single or double roes of jingles. The LPA190, LPA191, LPA192 and LPA182.

Hi Hat Stand - Rod mount tambourines
This style of tambourine made by many different manufacturers is made to go on the end of a hi hat rod. Pictured is the LP Cyclops

Jingle Sticks
Here is the LP Jingle stick which can be used to hit cymbals or other percussion instruments it can also be played the traditional way.

LP Cyclops Tambourines
Here are some special affects tambourines for hand held and even one that mounts to a rod. These can come with special jingles to make a different sound

Grover Tambourines
Percussionists the world over consider Grover tambourines to be the "Stradivarius" of concert tambourines.

Black Swamp Tambourines
Black Swamp Percussion manufactures the most versatile series of tambourines on the concert percussion market.

Black Swamp Bags and Tambourine Cradle
It's like having the convenience of a third hand! The TCR allows you to play the tambourine with hands or soft mallets and still maintain a quality sound...without having to pick up the tambourine.

Vaughncraft Tambourines
Vaughncraft has a great selection of standard, custom and hybrid tambourines in a variety of woods, finishes and jingles.



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